September Luncheon

Date September 18, 2018
Location Marriott North
Time 11:15AM - 1:00PM

In it’s heyday, the historic Coca-Cola bottling plant on the northeast end of Mass Ave was pumping out 2 million bottles of the beloved carbonated beverage a week! Soon the twelve acre property will be attracting millions of visitors as it transforms into the Bottleworks District. During this presentation, Kami Brauer, VP Real Estate Management for Hendricks Commercial Properties and Megan Nagel, Real Estate Manager for Hendricks Commercial Properties will talk about all things Bottleworks, including: what inspired this property, the innovation and creativity involved with restoring the art-deco history while merging it with the technology of today, and, of course, what kinds of shops and eateries will be calling this district home. Kami and Megan are passionate about Indianapolis, and are beyond excited to share intimate details about this amazing 300 million dollar Indy development with IndyCREW!