"Embracing Change, Enhancing Your Business Culture" w/ Stephanie Stilson, PhD

Date April 17, 2018
Location Marriott North
3645 River Crossing Parkway
Time 11:15AM - 1:15PM

Very few of us engage our happy dance when asked to change something we've comfortably grown accustomed to – new technologies, new partnerships, new workflows, new go-to-market strategies.   The natural tendency is to perceive 'change' negatively. Even when we know it's for our own good. (Or for the good of our organizations.) Why? And for those of us tasked with empowering or persuading others to alter their ways - yikes! (Not fun.) Let's take a new twist on an old concept and absorb what today’s thought leaders tell us. Together, we can gain a broader understanding of how to apply change management more effectively.

Stephanie R. Stilson, Ph.D. is a cognitive developmental psychologist with a passion for how people communicate, problem solve, create, and make decisions. After a few decades in college classrooms and engagement with various nonprofit learning institutions, Dr. Stilson pivoted. For the last seven years she has worked with Sensory Technologies, consulting with organizations as they navigate more robust, technology-enhanced communication and collaboration strategies. As companies lean into their future and embrace the changes that must take place, she does her best to emphasize the human factors that feed into the equations that will define organizational success.