IndyCREW Strategic Plan

Goal #1: Build Relationships

  • a. Continue Membership Committee onboarding
    • i. Instill “CREW First” mentality when doing business
    • ii. Teach to ask CREW resources for help
  • b. Encourage all leadership to welcome new members at luncheons
  • c. Board members to reach out to new members personally
  • d. Have more member-only events

Goal #2: Business Networking, member-to-member business

  • a. Encourage networking at ALL committee and board meetings-wants/needs or successes
  • b. Include member-to-member business exchange story in each newsletter
  • c. CREWBiz Profile completion increased

Goal #3: Leadership/Professional Development

  • a. Internship opportunities
  • b. Offer designated leadership training annually, including professional image
  • c. Maintain convention scholarships, including board members
  • d. Encourage 100% board participation at convention
  • e. Targeted push for more C-Suite members

Goal #4: Visibility/Brand Recognition, local and throughout the network

  • a. Hit “Chapter Challenge” metrics
  • b. Continue nominating for local and network awards
  • c. Press releases to local media and CREW Network
  • d. Website updated monthly
  • e. Social media coverage at every event

IndyCREW By-laws

Amended and restated by-laws of IndyCREW, Inc.

Download by-laws